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Tree fragrance

Tree fragrance

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Preserved in a small bottle that is easy to carry and use, the tree fragrance is composed of a precious and concentrated tree essence. Its emanations provide a sensation of almost instantaneous soothing. Slide the bead over your skin and feel yourself projected into a soothing, divinely fragrant forest. So, what is your essence préférée ? Contains high quality jojoba oil, perfect for softening and nourishing the skin.

Format 10 ml

The scent of white spruce tree, deposited on the wrists or heart, provides a liberating sensation of well-being. Sound camphorated, powerful and sweet essence reveals itself to be both energizing and soothing to the soul.

Placed on the wrists, neck or lower back, the tree fragrance Black Spruce gives an impression of beneficial vitality. Sound sweet and fruity scent, reminiscent of intoxicating mountain walks.

Used on the wrists, neck or solar plexus, the tree fragrance Tamarack reveals superb notes of citrus from the very first moments. Refreshing, its smell gives an impression of renewal just like a soft spring rain.

The tree scent Common Juniper, used on the wrists or neck, has a particularly delicious fresh and spicy scent. Its scent stimulates the senses, awakens memories and soothes the soul. Ideal to start a journey intérieur !

Thetree fragrance tree scent pine white, when applied to the wrists and soles of the feet, awakens the senses like no other, projecting our gaze over the canopy. Itsresinous and lemonynotes and itsinvigorating effect are sure to please coup !

Thanks to its sweet, woodyscent, Canadian Hemlock tree fragrance is soothing to the soul. Like a walk in the woods, it helps relax and invites to live the moment present. The perfect companion for meditation sessions or yoga !

Placed on the wrists, neck and solar plexus, thebalsam fir tree fragrance stimulates the senses, awakening our inner joie de vivre. Sound sweet and fruity scent provides a feeling of well-being like a cool summer breeze. Sublime !