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Ambience oil

Ambience oil

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Do you have a room oil diffuser in your home and would you like to have a new fragrance diffused in it to make your house smell good?

These are top quality fragrance oils without paraben or phalphasates. They have an adequate heat resistance capacity to be used in diffusers.

They are NOT essential oils, because essential oils lose a lot of their properties if they are heated (so it takes special diffusers).

Let yourself be transported to a world of smells that will make you dream.

We have several fragrances but here is a topo of the two most popular:

First, we have a new oil made especially for us, The prodigious oil, which combines pink and violet grapefruit. These fragrances are so natural, it's hard to miss them. It is a synergy of fragrances exclusive to La Prodigieuse. Pink grapefruit, lemon zest, violet and a touch of foliage.

La Prodigieuse (violet & grapefruit)

The refreshing and invigorating aroma of grapefruit

This citrus fruit will unfortunately not make the summer arrive any faster, but it can certainly give you a little boost of energy, as it helps to increase your energy and give you energy for the day. This fruit is well known for its energizing properties and positive effects on mood.


Used extensively in prestige perfumery, violets were the most popular scent in England during the Victorian era. Violets are often associated with simplicity and modesty. Its perfume has an optimistic and good-humored appeal.

Violets bring out the feminine and tender side of women. It represents springtime energy, with its delicate, fresh floral notes and slightly sweet basenote.

The second fragrance is Voyage dans le sud: a delicious scent that will take you far away from our climate, which changes every day, going from cold to warm. A scent that will remind you of the waves, the sand, the sun. A scent to make you dream.

This oil makes you envious, doesn't it?