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Set of 4 burner waxes

Set of 4 burner waxes

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**Economic package: get 4 burner waxes for $16.95 instead of $19.80 ($4.95 each). **

Light your burner, add a piece of wax, breathe in the smell. Take this time for yourself.

Here's a product that will fill your life with fragrances you'll love!

Made from EcoSoy wax with a naturally strong fragrance dispensing power! Hand-cast with care.

Size: 1oz (28 grams)


La Gourmande :

Sugar junkie? This candle will make you want to eat cookies and cake! Enjoy your bath to savour the sweet smells of French vanilla, maple sugar and fancy cookies. After that, you'll be ready to go bake your favourite pastries!

La Bucheronne :

Do you like to be in nature to breathe the great outdoors and take the time to recharge your batteries outside of your busy life? The candle called the Woodcutter is made for you!

As the scent reminds you of balsam fir and black spruce, you'll think you're in the middle of the forest far away in Northern Quebec, but without the cold you'd expect!

Also, with its crackling wick, you'll think you're near an outdoor fire...

The Suburbs :

This candle is suitable for all women! With blackcurrant, tea and thyme, it will give you the energy you need to face all the obstacles that will come your way.

When consumed, blackcurrant, tea and thyme have much sought-after benefits: blackcurrant relieves pain, tea stimulates and thyme protects against bacteria.

In your case, you will inhale their odours, the effects will surely not be as effective, but knowing what you smell, I am sure you will still feel the benefits!

Soak it in! You'll see, it's wonderful!

Mrs. Blancheville... :

Imagine doing your laundry and hanging your sheets on a clothesline.

Then imagine taking those same sheets and putting them in your bed.

You know that smell? The smell of clean sheets that have been in the fresh air all day? The Mrs. Blancheville candle will remind you of that.

Soft, delicate, with a hint of lily of the valley.

Be careful, your little moment of relaxation might make you want to do the laundry...


You like that tangy smell that makes you think of a big deep clean? When you light this wonderful candle, you'll feel like someone has washed all your counters. But don't be surprised if they haven't. You're much better off closing your eyes and imagining that they have!

The distinguished one:

A delicate, discreet smell...

You'll think you've set foot in a flowery, well-kept garden full of fruit, including raspberries.

You will never stop smelling the air to appreciate the superb fruity and floral fragrance!

Travel to the south:

Close your eyes. Do you hear the sound of the waves? Can you feel the sand between your toes and the warmth of the sun on your skin? No ? But you can imagine it, can't you?

That's what this candle will bring you: the sweet memory of a trip down south.

Boreal Secret

Do you like nature walks? This fragrance takes you straight to the middle of the forest.

Velvety Floral

Flowers, flowers and just flowers, that's what Velouté floral fragrance offers you. A floral potpourri.

Peace pipe

Earthy, notes medium amount of grass, comforting.