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About us

The Wonder Woman Box was founded in 2017. I remember at the time, the imaginable Boxes that existed on the market, but not one was essential, they were all luxury.

I wanted very much at that time to have my own Boutique without knowing in which field.

I had made a health shift, resumed my unhealthy habits into healthy ones and eliminated over 80 pounds, but something was missing.

Then one night, I was "scrolling" on Facebook and I saw an acquaintance who was launching his business which was The Wonder Woman Box.

I immediately understood that this was exactly what I wanted. Both for the woman and the entrepreneur.

I signed up and with every package I received it was pure happiness, a moment just for me.

At the beginning of 2019, I learned that The Box, MY Box was for sale!!! Without hesitation I went ahead and made an offer to buy...suspense!

Nope refused!

I was so disappointed, but I told myself it's not the time one day I would get it.

A few months later, I get a message via Facebook and I'm asked if I'm still interested...

Oh yes I want her!


You can tell by reading these lines that I've clearly got it!

Initially, there was only the Seasonal Box and at the time I'm writing these lines there are a little over 400 products in stock.

In February 2020, I began my Ambassador program.

In June 2020, I officially opened a store in Longueuil.

And the business is still growing.

For me, my business must play a major role in the lives of women so that they can prioritize themselves. Before being a mother, an employee, a spouse, we are a woman and it is this woman that I want you to prioritize in order to be the source of all your roles.

But above all, I insist that every product sold in my home be consumed. All the products offered I test them and know their benefits.

I wish with all my heart to bring enough inspiration for you to take care of the woman you are, because you are THE most important one for you.


Audrey xx

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