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Top 10 Happy Days

Audrey Hurteau

Posted on October 29 2020

Top 10 des jours heureux

I don't want to waste my time brooding.

But sometimes, I feel sucked into a collective vertigo that infects me even more than the current pandemic.

It requires an extra effort on my part. I am changing some of my habits and I realize that life's trials and tribulations give me gifts.

It's all about perspective. I can decide to be panicked or angry about the restrictions, changes, instructions. I can also choose to make peace with what is happening, to go with the flow (not like a sheep, but like a fulfilled human being) and adapt to my values, without sacrificing all my dreams.

But how do you make peace with the difficult? By transforming my way of seeing things and taking actions to calm my mind.

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Day 1: Not afraid of my loneliness

I'm making myself comfortable on my terrace. It's cold, but I brought a warm blanket so I can breathe in the fresh air and admire the last colours of autumn. The smell of my coffee makes me smile. A simple moment to recognize that I am allowing myself to live this moment with myself.

Day 2: The smile can die

It's a long time when you can't see the smiles. When you're at home waiting for everything to pass. Because it all passes in the end one day. I decide to do things differently today. I'm going to take a walk in the fresh air with my favourite shawl on my shoulders. I decide to greet everyone I meet and give them my smile as a gift. An old lady stops and tells me about her childhood. How touching it is to discover her neighbourhood.

Day 3: Party of nothing

I'm throwing a party, just like that. A special day that isn't a special day at all. I decide to buy anything I like. I want to have a dream table to receive my family tonight. My children will be amazed and very excited by this surprise, just like that, on a whim.

Day 4: Slow down to feel better

Everything changes. Slowing down scared me a little at first. I didn't know how to juggle the time I had. I didn't know you could take the time to enjoy the scenery. I just made a beautiful discovery and I plan to keep this rhythm in my life.

Day 5: Everything is going too fast

I have to work, cook, clean and school at home. I want everything to be perfect. But I can't do everything perfect if I want to get there. I watch my kids watching me. They learn everything from me. I calm down and take a deep breath. What do you say we go outside and play for 30 minutes now?

Guess what we did for fun? We played ball together. It took my mind off things and we laughed. Peace came slowly into us. I realized I could afford not to do everything, let alone do it perfectly.

Day 6: Kind words to friends

I like surprises. Stress is at its peak for some of the people around us. We don't know who, we don't know when, we don't know how. But we do know that it's possible. I have fun leaving private voice messages on the Facebook Messenger application. There's always a lot of love. I ask for news too and I open the door to conversation. This is a must when you have precious friends, loved ones you love very much or even clients or colleagues you miss.

Day 7: Pencil and paper = free spirit

I write down everything that pops into my head. I still have some beautiful notebooks. I'll use them as a diary. These days, I feel like I want to put down on paper what's inside me. I already feel lighter since my pencil became my ally. Taking out the bad guy, as they say, is the best thing for morale.

Day 8: A big cry from the heart

Go screaming in the woods. Have you ever tried to do that? It's weird, but it's so liberating. We're all under varying degrees of stress, we can't hide it. If you don't want to keep the frustration, the doubts, the fear inside you, I invite you to scream with the wind. Away from homes, so as not to alert neighbours who might think you are in distress ;) I came back with the urge to laugh when I think I did that.

Day 9: The call of friendship

I dared to open my heart. I called a friend. She listened to me softly. I needed her light. I felt welcomed with so much love and generosity. It soothed me to see how friendship is stronger than anything else.

Day 10: Good food at 10 and 13 years old

We decided to show our two boys how to cook. We don't go to hockey anymore, we're in the red zone, so it's the perfect time to make them men who can handle it. Maybe they will develop a passion for creating new recipes. Maybe I'll get spoiled too, who knows?

On happy days, I live them right away. I'm not waiting for the pandemic to be behind us. I'm not waiting for deconfinement to return. I'm inventing activities and ways of life for my family. Because my men will always remember these moments as opportunities to get closer to those we love.


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