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Complete facial care

Audrey Hurteau

Posted on January 04 2021

Soin complet du visage

In a world of tight schedules, harmful pollution, chemical-laden products, high anxiety and overload of environmental toxins, it is impossible for our skin to not feel and show the effects of all this! Thankfully, with a little commitment, you can maintain the natural beauty of your skin in the comfort of your own home! Read on for some tips and simple methods at home to reduce stress, keep your skin glowing, and reduce the signs of aging!

Cleansing Your Skin

The first step to taking care of your skin is to cleanse it properly! Perspiration, grease, dust, stale makeup, dirt and bacteria build up on your skin and need to be completely removed. There are many different skin types; oily, dry, sensitive, and acne-prone. Different cleansers do better with each individual type based on pH and other variable factors. Cleansing helps to cleanse the skin, open pores, and allows the skin to best absorb the products you are about to apply. If you wear a lot of makeup, you may want to use a makeup remover first to remove most of the makeup from your face before cleansing.

To cleanse your face properly, start by wetting it with warm water. Apply the cleanser that best suits your skin type to your face and neck and massage gently in an upward circular motion for at least five minutes (the length of time also depends on the instructions provided with the cleanser you use). Remove with a damp washcloth and warm water to make sure all residue is removed from the face.

Toning your skin

Next, tone your skin with a skin micellar water (soft), skin tonic (medium strength), or an astringent lotion (strong). The Toner step is important because it helps to remove any grease remaining on your skin after the cleansing process is complete. It helps to close pores and maintain the skin's natural pH, and if you plan to use makeup, it leaves a clean smooth texture that will hold the foundation and powder much longer.

Nourish your skin

Nourishing your skin is also an essential part of any beauty routine. Dirt, dust, hot and cold weather, cosmetics, and even sunlight all tend to dry the skin, depriving it of moisture and oil. Therefore, making sure to cleanse your face every night before bedtime is essential for younger looking skin. Skin "foods" or moisturizers attempt to replenish the skin's nourishment, reviving its natural health.

Again, different moisturizers work well for different skin types. If your skin is oily, avoid moisturizers that contain oils and opt for one that contains glycerin instead. If you have drier skin, applying a moisturizer right after washing your face is beneficial to prevent drying and to get moisturizer locked in immediately. If you have neutral skin, you can usually get away with using a product that contains oil or glycerin. Just be sure to look for a product for neutral skin types.


A facial is the fastest way to cleanse, revive and lighten faded skin, leaving it clear, soft and radiant. A facial also does a complete job of relaxing the nerves in your face so that you will not only look younger, but also feel fresher and more relaxed! A facial once or twice a month will ensure rejuvenated and fresh skin for a long time to come!

If it's within your budget to look for a spa or facial professional, find someone who uses natural products and pays attention to your skin type. However, if you don't have the time or can't afford the luxury of regular salon treatments, you can visit our boutique in Longueuil or our online store to get everything you need for a facial at home! Choose a time when you can be quiet and really quiet, and prepare yourself before you start so you can relax and really enjoy it!

Follow the routine below for a quick facial at home:

- Tie your hair away from your face and neck, using a headband to pull the remaining hair away from your forehead.

- Start by removing your makeup either by using makeup remover wipes, coconut oil or another method to remove all facial residue. Cleanse your face and neck with a good cleanser and remove carefully.

- The next step is a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria allowing the skin to absorb other products as well as possible. We like to use a simple organic coffee diy exfoliator, hot water and warmed organic coconut oil, but you can also find some wonderful products bought in on our site to use.

- Prepare a mask adapted to your skin type. On a completely cleansed and exfoliated face, spread a fairly thick layer avoiding the mouth surface and creating large circles around the eyes. Then lie on your back and keep the mask on for 15 to 20 minutes or until it is dry. There are many options for creating an amazing mask at home, but the one we like the most is a simple concoction of organic coconut oil, honey and fresh avocado.

- When the mask is dry, cleanse your face and neck with warm water, keeping your eyes closed. Dry your skin and apply your favorite toner that best suits your skin type.

- Finally, now that the skin is completely cleansed, exfoliated and pores are open, it's time to apply skin serum and/or moisturizer to the face. Spend some time massaging it in using upward circular motions.

Make your own skin products

  • Facial scrub

In a bowl, combine 1/2 cup organic brown sugar and 1/4 cup organic avocado oil. Mix well until smooth. Remove one kiwi fruit, mix it with the sugar and oil. Store the mixture in an airtight glass jar and refrigerate for up to two weeks.

  • Homemade massage oil

Add 1/4 cup of your favorite carrier oil to a jar or container (almond oil, avocado oil or coconut oil are all excellent options) Then choose your favorite essential oil or combination of oils and add 1 teaspoon in total to the carrier oil. Mix well and let stand overnight.

  • Anti-wrinkle cream

Melt together 2 tablespoons of lanolin or beeswax, 2 tablespoons of almond oil and 1 tablespoon of apricot oil. Then add 3 tablespoons of lemon juice or lemon essential oil. Apricots are very rich in vitamin A and this mixture is ideal to help reduce wrinkles!

  • Anti-Wrinkle Lotion

Mix the following ingredients: 1/4 cup of shea butter, 1 tablespoon of coconut or almond oil and 16 drops of your favorite essential oil (we love lavender, rosemary, incense and lemon). Mix well by hand or in a blender and add to a clean jar.

That's it! By following these simple tips and sticking to your routine, you can easily start to get brighter, healthier, younger-looking skin in no time!

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Audrey xx

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