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Immerse yourself in the Christmas atmosphere in 6 steps

Audrey Hurteau

Posted on November 05 2020

Se plonger dans l’ambiance de Noël en 6 étapes

For me Christmas is THE family holiday, we are all busy with busy schedules and for many the time flies and we miss in many cases we see our family only at this time.

This makes this period very important to me because we take the time to spend a good time together.

  • Sorting through Christmas decorations, every year I love to get rid of broken or simply outdated decorations. Then I make and buy new ones. But boy, do I have to be careful about buying decorations. Every year there are more and more of them and they are so beautiful.

  • A tanning leprechaun, google to find the 1001 hits to make the net is full of them and psst write them down, better to prepare than to improvise at the last minute.

  • Holiday meal, I like to prepare a maximum. Every year, I make a list of the meals I want to make and I program everything so I don't have to run and there's nothing better than homemade food for the holidays.

  • DIY gifts, they say I took the time to give the best of my abilities and all my love in a present for you. Whether it's a dish, personally I knit wool socks every year, but we have a lot of talent so it's time to show it off. The important thing is the thought.

  • Prepare Christmas playlists, and yes if you don't want to hear the rigodons of your old uncle who puts on and puts off every year...take control spotify is free (with ads...) and you can create as many playlists as you want.

  • Send cards. Cards by mail please not email. The age of the net impersonalizes relationships a lot, so go with a handwritten word, to hell with bad handwriting. It's always nice to get a little thought.

If you have ideas, I invite you to share them as comments.

Audrey xx

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