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Audrey Hurteau

Posted on January 13 2021


Its name says it all, its function is to plan in order to be more structured and organized! I like to know where I'm going and plan well. As an example on a personal and professional level, when it's not planned, the results are always unpredictable and random.

I am a very big consumer of this type of newspaper, but I must admit that I buy far too much of it because I start it, then a rush at work so I put it aside for a few days and poof after that I don't feel like skiing the days I missed. So I'm moving on to the next paper.

And when you "track" your goals, it's easier to follow them and reach them. And seeing our progress is very powerful and motivating for self-esteem.

In fact, procrastination takes over when I have to do more or less pleasant things. Except, there will always be less pleasant things to do, whether at work, at home, at school. So, we might as well find techniques that help us get through those moments to be proud of ourselves and move on to more pleasant things.

Here are 3 tips to increase my productivity!

1. Create my bubble

When I know I have to be productive, I start by creating my bubble. This bubble won't be created the same way for everyone, but I believe it is essential for everyone.

We need a bubble of concentration that immerses us in what we have to do and we need to find out what, for us, gives us that bubble. It can also be different from time to time.

For my part, sometimes I prefer to have completely silent, while other times I prefer to have music in the background. However, the music has to be instrumental only, otherwise the lyrics distract me. I like to go on YouTube or Spotify to find or create a playlist to my liking! For some people, it will be going to work in a new place, like a café.

2. Turn off any device

Then I make sure all my devices are turned off. I put my cell phone on airplane mode or turn off the sound and vibration. As a bonus on board, I have already disabled all notifications on my applications. I hate receiving notifications on my screen when my phone is closed so I set them all to off. The only ones I can receive are texts or calls.

If I use my computer to do the task I have to do (which happens a lot!), I close the pages in my browser that are not useful. For example, I rarely need to have the Facebook tab open or the email tab open. So, I really close anything that could be thatdistracts me. Unnecessary applications on my computer are also closed to make sure I'm not disturbed during my work. If I'm not working on my computer, I'll shut it down so I won't be tempted to surf the Internet!

3. Snack & Beverage

Well, I don't know if it's a good or bad habit, but I really like to make myself a snack and tea/coffee when I need to concentrate.

Often this snack is more of a treat than a real hunger. When it's a treat, instead of eating something sweet (hello the sugar bug in me!!!), I'll opt instead for snacks like rice cakes. That way, it's not unhealthy and I don't feel drunk afterwards.

As far as drinking is concerned, I sometimes make myself coffee in the morning, but after dinner I almost always make myself a tea or herbal tea. It helps me digest and it allows me to be wide awake for the afternoon!

I hope these 3 tips will help you be productive in 2021.

Let me know what are YOUR tips to get you working without being distracted!

In one of my creativity bubbles, I decided to create my own planner that I could print as needed and much less expensive than those offered on the market because I print it according to my needs.

If you want to discover my annual planner annual edition (because yes I already work on a weekly and a daily hihi) you can see it on this link: https: //

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Audrey - xo

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