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Where is your greatest strength?

Audrey Hurteau

Posted on September 17 2020

Où est ta plus grande force?

The leaves are starting to change colour. The tiredness of the last few weeks is felt. Opening a shop in the middle of a pandemic and at the beginning of the summer, we won't hide it, it took me a lot of gots.

I'm a go-getter, I never look back.

I did the layout, I'm still doing it, but it's very long and it's a lot of work and a lot of money.

My life as a woman is limited to good books, coffee, walks with my dog, movies and my passion for knitting.

Sometimes I wonder why? Why did I take the risky and obstacle-filled path.

Retailing cocooning and beauty products for today's busy woman is my passion, but it's a big challenge.

The competition is fierce! But the results push me to always push my limits.

I'm 42 years old and my summer has been more than busy. Not only with the opening of the boutique, but also after 2 long years of struggling, I finally managed to get my divorce.

The most toxic relationship I've ever had. Today, I feel as free as ever and I feel this urgency to live, to build my life according to my desires and my rules.

I have always lived according to the desires of the spouse of the moment, the needs of my children, but never for myself.

I assume the woman I am. I work hard to make my dreams come true and stop starting over and over again from scratch.

My last relationship was the worst, I came out of it with only my clothes and a mountain of debts that I am the only one to assume.

I was disillusioned with love!

They say love makes you blind! Sure, I was completely blinded.

They say to be alone after a breakup, I thought it was a cliché. I can tell you that it's really the only way to understand and get to know each other.

I became aware that every action I took was based on a desire of someone other than myself.

And yet...

Since I put myself first and make my choices according to my desires, I have never been happier or more successful. I may be exhausted at times from completing all my projects, but... I am terribly proud of all my accomplishments.

My freedom is priceless. Free of my thoughts and actions.

In the last few years, I was haunted by a phrase that had been said to me: "You are nothing without me. For months I struggled to be EVERYTHING without that person and when I reached the last goal where I wanted to prove myself, I said: chapter closed! Now I'm moving on to who I want to be.

I am so proud of the woman I am today, empowered, independent, self-reliant.

I am now ready to face the fall and, at times, the dullness of emotion that we experience. I have come so far in the last year to rebuild myself, I have only one desire to inspire women who, like me, have put everyone's desires before their own.

Choose yourself, you are THE most important one for you! Be YOUR best friend.

With all my love,



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