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My Ambassador program in detail

Audrey Hurteau

Posted on April 28 2021

Mon programme Ambassadeur en détail

MLM in 2021

I have done several MLM's in my life, and I have been very successful in them.

I have always wanted to give my clients and subscribers the opportunity to make income when they refer me, this is my way of giving back for what I receive.

For me, female financial independence is very important. Because no woman deserves to have to depend on or ask to see in some cases or mom at home has no income.

So I wanted to offer all women who like the products offered by me can take advantage of it.

So in 2019 I offered affiliate marketing. Then over time I converted it to MLM so that the one who wants more income can access it through team management.

I made a complete episode where I explain in detail my MLM which for 2021 is my main priority.

I won't tell you more, but I just invite you to listen to it :

I leave you the link to Spotify: https: //

And the iTunes link: https: //

Link I talk about in the episode:

To do your online training too, I use kajabi at this link: https: //

Links to the two books I talk about:

Success According to Jack: https: //

The 21st Century Business: https: //

Link to my thrift store:

If you ever want more information on my Ambassador program, here is the link: https: //

To shop on my online store:

To follow me on my different social networks :

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