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My current readings!

Audrey Hurteau

Posted on September 23 2020

Mes lectures du moment!

Last summer, I reconnected with a pleasure I've forgotten for too long. Reading... yes, I read constantly, but my reading was far too focused on the development of women entrepreneurs.

Everywhere on the social networks I saw a Quebec author, Geneviève Cloutier.

I let myself be tempted by Widow of hunting. I felt guilty for taking this time for myself! As an entrepreneur, we rarely have free time...

And OMG, the writing style...I really feel like I'm reading a friend who tells me about her daily life. We finish the book and we want more!

So I ordered volume 1 of the trilogy 1 weekend out of 2. At first I didn't feel challenged by the title because my daughters are now grown up and autonomous, so no longer in this reality.

The main character, Caroline Doiron, is just so endearing...and psst adios the guilt of reading about something other than business. I read my best friend's diary/letter when I read the different volumes.

And contrary to what I was expecting, there is no question at all of access rights for her ex... no, no! We're talking about her life as a woman which, yes obviously, also concerns her life as a mother, we talk about her work, her loves, her great friendship with Bea and Mel.

It's so difficult to drop the the third of volume 1 I immediately ordered volume 2 and 3 because at the speed the pages are going, it's clearly not true that I'm going to have to wait for the delivery or have to waste reading time going to the shop to get my little book sweets.

This week, I finished the trilogy and my reaction was "nonnnnnnnnn" I want more. Oh and I forgot to tell you! The publishing house that publishes the author's book is part of their Lime and Lemon, misery... hello the creation of needs!

Since I was a little girl, I've dreamed of owning my own library at home. You know THE library with a ladder on several floors. I've always loved to read and sincerely, I've really gotten back into this pleasure which, in the last few months, has become a daily habit again.

But lalala with the collection of Lime and Lemon (Check list) uhhh I want them all... we're still talking as I write this text of 36 books...$$$$ so I started to snoop around because I don't like books on a shelf or to borrow, and I'm known for that I get borrowed books all the time...I have almost all of them.

Falling in love with the entire collection I want, so I took out my calculator and started snooping around for ways to save... so first step the Costco obviously they're really cheap 16.95$/ch, but the only problem is they go fast and not all the titles are there. In bookstores the books are 34.95 and directly to the publishing house 24.95$/ch and there are duos and trios that are really affordable. So yes there is a way to cut a little bit to have the whole collection.

If you check out the author's Facebook page right here: https: // a little extra candy if you can find it...and during the pandemic, the author wrote articles about the beautiful Caro, a little extra for trilogy fanatics like me.

On that note, I won't feel guilty anymore about reading! You know, just do it for the woman in me who is the pillar of the entrepreneur that I am and I'll certainly tell you about my next readings on the blog in the coming weeks.

And by the way, if you've read the trilogy, I'm curious: what were your impressions?

Happy reading!

Audrey xx

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