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Meditation: How I finally managed to integrate this practice into my daily life.

Audrey Hurteau

Posted on November 13 2019

Méditation: Comment j’ai enfin réussi à intégrer cette pratique à mon quotidien

To the woman who loves big, who feels deeply, who cries easily. To the woman who feeds on adrenaline, who has difficulty managing stress and who anxiety is far too easy.

To you, whose personality often seems too intense. Welcome to my world!

The one with such a vast musical background that the soundtrack alternates between classical music and heavy metal. And every day, I vibrate, I manage, I adapt. I do it the best I can. Sometimes I can't. Often, it's too much!

I've always lived with this label of intensity and the impression that this trait of my personality prevents me from being something else, or even from indulging in relaxing practices.

I've tried yoga, meditation, spa outings, but it wasn't like me. In those places that were too rigid and too quiet, I felt intimidated and too #weirdo to enjoy and feel the promised benefits.

All my life, I kept this limiting belief deep inside me because it was reassuring and comfortable to be me. And quite honestly, I liked to believe in the easy idea that my only effective option for decompressing was to open a bottle of vino!

But that was before... before I made the choice to take care of myself, to meet who I really am and to consider new possibilities to better live with myself and those around me.

November of last year, somewhere in the middle of Tulum, time stood still. Leaving me with only the soothing sound of the waves and the soft sensation of the wind on my skin as a memory.

From this brief, but intense, contact with the present moment, I began to open my mind, to tame my solitude, to appreciate the silence.

Quietly, without realizing it, I was finally able to create space for a more Zen version of myself. I was now open to the idea of calming myself in a positive and constructive way. So much so that today it has become the most important pillar of my mental health.

To help you integrate a few minutes of meditation into your day and make you realize all its benefits, I am sharing with you what works well for me, namely the applications of guided meditation.

I've tried many of them! I really like two of them that are in English. But since I am keen to encourage local purchases and I like to promote the French language, I will limit myself to 3 applications that I use on a regular basis.

I invite you to discover them and share your impressions with us!

Petit Bambou - This is the first free application in French that I discovered and that allowed me to feel the instant positive effects on my mental balance.

I love it for its short guided sessions of about ten minutes and for its approach based on simple life lessons. The ten-lesson introductory course is perfect to get started.

And if, like me, you fall under the charm of Mathilde's voice and want to take your practice further with this application, you can upgrade to the paid version.

For a 50$ subscription for 6 months, you'll have access to additional lessons on subjects like stress management or letting go, but also really interesting sessions on mindfulness in the kitchen, food stress, fear apprehension, etc.

The quality of the content is really impressive! My favourite: the Caring Parenting Program! No kidding, who could refuse to be guided to stay Zen with their children under any circumstances?

Rose Buddha - I must say that even before testing this visually stunning application, I was already sold for the two entrepreneurs behind the Rose Buddha company, a local co-responsible and ethical clothing store that I love.

So I was very excited to see a meditation application that would reflect the image of the two local female yogis. The meditation application they created offers the first 5 meditations from the "Foundations" section for free.

To access all the content, you need to take the annual subscription that I consider to be very affordable at $3.99 per year. At this price, for a company aligned with my values, it was easy to say yes!

RespiRelax+ - My greatest learning experience since I started meditating is to have realized how breathing has a major impact in managing stress and anxiety.

At the same time, doing cardiac coherence breathing exercises is super hard when you don't have a guide. That's why the RespiRelax+ application is amazing!

Thanks again to the wonderful person who introduced me to this application. It is now a precious anchor to bring me back to the present moment, especially in those emotional overflow moments that were once "unmanageable". A must to discover and integrate into your daily life.

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