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Advantages of the subscription

Audrey Hurteau

Posted on December 06 2019

Les avantages de l'abonnement

¯¯ Read all the way to the end, it's worth it!!!! ¯¯

My dearest #unbelievable woman,

You know, running an online store is no easy task and my team and I strive to always attract as many subscribers as possible and sell both the subscription boxes and all its products.

That's why we do promotions. These days, as Christmas is approaching, I feel very generous and I post many attractive offers for all women.

When you see an offer come through, I'm sure you're thinking, "Oh, that's too bad, I'm already a subscriber! I'm going to unsubscribe and take advantage of the offers! »

I don't think that's a good idea. I want you to know that we're thinking about you in there, too.

Here's a little summary of why subscribing is GÉ-NI-AL!

  • You are a subscriber to the box, so you already have a privilege! Your monthly or quarterly box is 10$ less expensive than a single purchase.
  • At your2nd month of subscription, you get a PRIME!!!! gift. This bonus is not included in one-time purchases!
  • As a subscriber, you get the scoop before all the other women! I send many emails and my subscribers get the good news before anyone else!
  • In 2020, I'm going to increase my inventory and who will be entitled to presales???? YOU!
  • In addition, I will release MY product line. The prices will decrease and who will be entitled to the mini-prizes? YOU! Pssst ... I pledge with you that many of my products will be offered as a bonus with subscriptions.

You are ALWAYS wondering if the offers are more advantageous for everyone than for you, my precious subscriber? Read the following:

I offered the November box to subscribers at the introductory price of $45, with the life journal as a gift.

The box is sold to subscribers at $55 (without taxes), while the cost is about $80 + taxes. (Savings of more than 35$)

The life journal is sold for $27.95+ tax. (Savings of $27.95 + taxes)

You don't pay for shipping (+/- 10$ depending on what I send).

Big deal presented to subscribers: A box worth about $135 for $45 in subscriber-only launch.

Finally, for me, my subscribers are the most important thing! Without all of you, without you, I don't really have financial stability.

I hope you understand why subscribing is the best DEAL you can get! And don't worry, I always think about you! Here's the proof:

Here's the link to subscribe to the Seasonal Box: http: //

Here is the link to subscribe to the Discovery Box: http: //

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