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Spring cleaning: the living room

Stéphanie Lapré

Posted on March 17 2020

Le ménage du printemps: le salon

After you've taken the time to clean your kitchen and bathroom thoroughly, to get rid of the dust and some of the things that might be outdated (yuck!... but why did we keep them, right?)... Now it's time to clean the living room.

You probably won't spend forever cleaning everything (unless your living room is really huge and cluttered) and that's what's encouraging (YEAH!)!

What you'll need: a rag, a cleaning product to wash the furniture, the windows, the floor, a vacuum cleaner.

The main part of the cleaning will certainly be to dust: the walls, the ceiling, the shelves, the top of the furniture... everywhere!

First of all, we put away objects that have no reason to be in the room... for example, the children's toys that are scattered EVERYWHERE! (We must also try not to cry thinking that 2 minutes after the arrival of the children, it would already be a mess!)

Task1: Dust and wash the walls and ceiling.

Task2: Dust and wash fans, baseboards, doors and light switches.

Task3: Clean light fixtures, lamps and shades

Job4: Remove drapes and curtains (which can be sent to the washer), to wash windows.

Task5: Vacuum sofas and chairs. For stains, you can call in a specialist or rent a machine.

Task 6: Dust the shelves, bookcase and decorative objects.

Task 7: Wash the floor and/or the carpets.

And that's it! Another room done. Repeat the tasks if there are several rooms in the house...

Next week... last room... the bedroom!

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