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Spring Cleaning: The Bathroom

Stéphanie Lapré

Posted on April 03 2020

Le ménage du printemps : La salle de bains

The kitchen is sparkling... well maybe not for long, but at least it's been cleaned from top to bottom!

Now it's time for another room in the house, one that we usually like to linger in the water... either in the bath or the shower. That's right! The bathroom. Unfortunately, you have to wash it too if you want to enjoy more wonderful moments.

What it takes: a cloth, products for the toilet, for the sink, for the bathtub, for the shower, for the floor and for the mirrors.

First, a few tips: if the tub and sink are enameled, avoid using abrasive powders to remove limescale. They will degrade faster and lose their shiny finish. I recommend using a spray bottle or products made specifically for this type of object.

To remove rust stains: 1. sprinkle salt on the stain. 2. cut a lemon in half. 3. squeeze the first half on the stain. Rub thesecond half on the whole. 4. Leave for a few minutes. 5. Rinse!

Now, let's start cleaning the bathroom.

Task1: Dust the walls, the tops of the cabinets, the blinds if there are any. Then wash the walls and ceiling.

Task2: If you have a shower curtain, you can wash it according to the instructions or get a new one if you find it too dirty. The same goes for bath mats and toilet mats.

Task3: Wash the tiles around the shower and bath with a steam cleaner.

Task4: Empty your medicine cabinet, your cupboard and the underside of your sink. Then you wash the shelves.

You then go through each item you have, checking the expiry dates (you can get rid of medicines by going to the pharmacy). Throw away what you don't need.

Put everything back on the shelves. (Just doing this step feels so good!)

Task5: Wash the mirrors.

Task 6: Wash the sink, shower, tub and toilet.

Task 7: Wash the floor.

That's it! That's it! Your bathroom looks and smells so good... It makes you want to take a bath, doesn't it?

The rest... next week!

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