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Spring cleaning: the kitchen

Stéphanie Lapré

Posted on March 09 2020

Le ménage du printemps : la cuisine

Spring cleaning

The Kitchen

Have you made a list of the things you need to do to make your spring cleaning perfect?

We start with the main room, the one where we spend a lot of time cooking and eating. In my house, the kitchen is attached to the dining room, so we also spend a lot of time sitting at the table talking or playing games.

The kitchen is probably the room that will take the longest to clean, as it contains a lot of appliances, so it would be good to find some cleaning buddies... ;)

What it takes : rags, products to clean windows, to clean cabinets, counters, to clean the stove, stainless steel, floors. If you want, you can also buy Tang to wash the dishwasher.

First task: we remove the dust from the walls, the ceilings, the light fixtures, the outside of the cabinets, the top of the fridge. Then, we wash them. Repeat with windows, screens, curtains or blinds (curtains can go in the washer and be reinstalled to air dry).

Task2: Clean out the pantry. Take out all the food, cans, sticks, canned goods and dishes that are in the pantry. This allows you to sort out what has expired or has never been eaten.

We then clean the shelves and put away what we have decided to keep.

We finish by cleaning the outside of the pantry, but this step may have already been done in Task1.

Task3: Clean out the fridge and freezer. Empty it completely and sort out anything that looks expired, too frozen or has been there forever and will never be touched.

We clean out the inside by removing shelves, if possible. Sometimes just rearranging the shelf a little higher or lower feels good too (a little change!).

Then we put away what we keep.

Then wash the outside of the fridge (and check the magnets on the door).

Task4: cleaning the stove, also called the oven. If the stove is self-cleaning, we just have to start the system and let the magic happen. If not, we apply a product made specifically to clean the oven and we wait the time indicated (ideally, if it is at least 12 hours, we apply it the day before).

Then wash the top of the oven (rounds, trays, spirals).

Do not forget the hood, which often retains cooking fat. The rack can be placed in the dishwasher.

Wash the outside.

Task5: Clean the dishwasher. It is often forgotten, because it works every day, but its pipes can become clogged. So, do a vacuum wash by pouring a Tang brand orange juice envelope into the detergent tank.

The outside is washed.

Task 6: Wash cabinets and drawers. Start by emptying the section of cabinets or drawers you want to clean. Then sort out what you want to keep, throw out what's broken and you can resell what's never been used!

Wash the shelves and drawers.

Put everything back.

Task 7: Clean small appliances and accessories. Those that can go under the water will be washed in the sink or the dishwasher, for the others, a small hand wash.

To help loosen food in the microwave, boil a cup of lemon juice before washing.

Clean and disinfect garbage cans, compost bins and recycling bins.

Wash the sinks.

Task 8: Clean the floors. Pull out furniture that can be moved (oven, fridge) and sweep or vacuum. Replace everything. Then, we wash the floors.

The kitchen is now clean. I challenge you to keep it that way for at least a week! In my case, there is way too much action in the kitchen to keep it clean for one day! I would have tried at least ... !

More next week...

Stéphanie L.

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