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Spring cleaning: the bedroom

Stéphanie Lapré

Posted on April 09 2020

Le ménage du printemps : la chambre à coucher

Here we go. Spring cleaning is almost over. There are only a few rooms left to clean in your house and... thankfully! You don't have to do them all, because it doesn't have to be YOUR room! That's right! Don't forget that you have to ask other family members for help (well... unless they're only 2 years old... we agree that they're more likely to hurt you than help you...). But the kids can sort through their toys and see what they would like to give to other kids.

Spring cleaning ends with the bedroom.

As such, this cleaning shouldn't really be longer than the living room, which might make it longer, it's more like cleaning the closet!

Task1: Dust and wash the walls and ceiling.

Task2: Empty your closet and/or dresser (well, you don't have to empty everything, but sometimes it's a change!). Put away your winter clothes and make room for lighter ones. I have 2 bins for my winter clothes in which I put everything I won't wear during the summer. I do the opposite in the fall!

Task3: Wash all the bedding.

Task4: Vacuum the mattress and turn it over. Little tip: I turn it over every season, in the back, at the same time as I change the batteries in the smoke detectors.

Task5: Wash curtains and windows.

Task 6: Dusting the decorative objects.

That's it! You can be proud of what you've accomplished! Every corner of your house is clean... oooh no wait! There's still... the office, the kids' corner, the garage, the shed, the whole outside... OOOOOH NO!

It's never over unfortunately!

But since you're not alone in this house and the garage doesn't necessarily need to be cleaned (although it would be nice!), do these tasks little by little over the summer with the help of your spouse and kids.

Good luck!

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