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The true value of buying local

Audrey Hurteau

Posted on October 05 2019

La véritable valeur d’acheter local

What if saving is investing in your own pleasure, after all?

When I make conscious choices about what I buy, I feel that I am contributing to the success and success of local businesses and entrepreneurs. I see bigger than my small personal savings, I see beyond that. Collective wealth is important to us all and has an impact on every citizen. I see it as a kind of "give to the next" where everyone discovers that it's important to help each other within a society. I'm proud to do my part for the planet, but I'm also proud to do my part for local and regional purchasing.


I have a crush on handmade soap that a friend of mine kindly gives me every year. I buy or have my jewellery repaired by a master jeweller in the next town. In the summer, my fruit is fresh because I choose it carefully at the fruit shop in my neighbourhood. I do it out of conscience, first of all, but I also do it because I love the quality and excellence of the service and products here. What I love most of all is making discoveries. When someone manages to charm me and make me really happy, I talk about it everywhere, because I believe in the success of every person who works with his or her heart in Quebec.

I understand that if I buy from my neighbour, from a boutique in my region or from a Quebec artisan, I make sure to keep our economy healthy. I make sure that everyone can live out their passion in their own way.


You can make the decision to spoil yourself, discover new products and encourage Quebec artisans with La Boîte Wonder Woman.

La Boîte's surprises bring real benefits:

♥It allows people here, who work hard, to succeed;

♥ The more I buy local, the more volume I can produce and the lower the price;

♥ I have a better guarantee;

♥ The delivery time is much faster;

♥ During my transactions, people can speak to me in my language: it's easier to understand each other when necessary;

♥ I contribute to the collective wealth of Quebec artisans.

Buying local is a mission that I put in my pocket every day. It's a way of life, a way of thinking and acting for the good of all the people involved in the growth and accomplishment of businesses.

When you understand the feeling of buying local, when you think big and realize the power of your personal contribution, there is no turning back.

I'm not saying that I just buy local, I'm saying that I make informed choices based on my pocketbook and that I'm happy to bring happiness, in my own way, by buying products from my beautiful region.

As we know, it is a small world. It is a pleasure to congratulate the artisans. Sometimes they are our brothers, our cousins, an aunt or a niece, and we wish the best for them. When we encourage people from here, we also become models for our children. We allow them to see how rewarding it can be to build and create the generous Quebec of tomorrow.

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