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I take out my PODCAST

Audrey Hurteau

Posted on April 10 2021

Je sors mon PODCAST

For about three years now, I have been consuming a lot of audio books and podcasts. For the simple reason that I don't always have the time to sit down and read a book, even though I love to read, sometimes taking that time is impossible.

So, at first when I discovered this audio universe I was not convinced because I am a visual person, so I need to see and touch to consume.

But after experimenting with the audio world, I realized that putting on makeup while educating myself with a podcast or audiobook is very realistic and really enjoyable.

I even get that feeling of accomplishing more in less time.

When the ambient noise allows it problem I connect headphones and it's done.

About two years ago when podcasts became a huge part of my life I couldn't find THE podcast that interested me. The idea of making my own podcast started to germinate.

Then the famous pandemic came to do two things: the first drastically and unexpectedly increase my orders so lack of time, BUT the need to take care of me with a good podcast so create mine.

So I'm pleased to present you today my very first podcast episode in which I talk about my school career with some personal anecdotes to embellish the whole thing to my liking.

My podcast is only available on spotify on this link :


Also available on itune :

Have a good listen!


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