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Taking care of yourself when climbing the mountains.

Audrey Hurteau

Posted on December 04 2019

Prendre soin de soi pour gravir les montagnes.

I want to tell you today, love yourself.

Be proud of who you are and above all, take care of yourself. That's the way to take a step in your self-love. In all honesty, I really started taking care of myself when I received my first box. I'm not the type of woman who likes to take baths. I find the time long and, in short, I get bored.

I decided this time that I would take the time and enjoy it. My body is my temple and I have to take care of it. I often say that everything has to be in balance. If you're not well, how can your business, family life, job and so on be okay?

I could tell you that my year 2019 has been the most difficult. I had to cross mountains that were impossible for me, breaking through walls of ice with my own hands to relive. Being 29 years old, it was the first year that I realized that my well-being would come before others, and then I would have the strength to take care of my family and my business.

With this box, I discovered that taking a bath is nice after all. I decided to live the experience and soothe my soul. I put self-care on my schedule, because yes, if you want it to happen, you have to take the time. You have to understand that your well-being won't come alone. I always take advantage of it so that it is during those times of the month when I need to regenerate my energy, like during the full moon, the time for the emotions to settle down.

I have been able to enjoy my ginger tea to the fullest, in subdued light, and a soy wax candle with eucalyptus as the only bright spark. I added the eucalyptus and matcha calming bath milk (seriously, what could be better than that?) because that's what makes me feel good these days.

I have to admit that the box also contained a bag of Christmas candy mix that I ate right out of the bath (haha!). It's part of my "self-care" the candies and it's a nice surprise every month.

I was very impressed to see how good these products are and more importantly, how much more than I had hoped for. I really see this monthly package as a "date" with myself to allow me to balance and above all to be fulfilled in this life, which sometimes goes much too fast.

Annabèle Morin



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