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Advent calendar

Audrey Hurteau

Posted on November 19 2020

Calendrier de l’avent

We are already mid-November and many of you are polishing up your Christmas gifts or Advent calendars. I am in the process of finishing the children's calendar!

This year I made the decision to do things differently in a year where everything is different. We had to put the brakes on our lives, put them on hold. Family moments have become even more essential than they used to be for some of us. So I've decided to make them a wonderful Advent calendar that will allow us to get closer together and spend some quality time together as a family. We also had an episode of illness at home and it made us rethink some of our priorities.

Many of you come by the shop to get some products for yourself. Creams, masks, teas or candles! But were you also aware that many of the products are for children? Here, I have a fan who is finished bathing! It goes without saying that she is also addicted to bath "balls" as she says! So, to help you in your research, here's a short list of products that look great in a calendar!

To start, here's my advent calendar! A calendar in all its simplicity that can be recovered in the years to come:

I designed it with a remnant of the boards from a wall in my daughter's bedroom. As for the small boxes, I bought gift boxes for Dollarama cards! They come in packs of 6! So I have my 24 little lockers for a little bit. I glued the whole thing with hot glue and voilà! That's it! To fill it up, I will print small pieces of paper to write down the activity of the day or a product that I want to offer them but that doesn't fit in my little boxes.

In order to give you some great ideas, here are the products I bought in the shop.

  • Mini bath bombs. They are perfect to fit in my little boxes. As their cost is minimal, I took the liberty to order several of them for them to have throughout the month and enjoy a quality and relaxing moment while admiring the beautiful color they give off when in contact with water. Moreover, being small, they do not cause any problems for children who tend to be intolerant or allergic to fragrances in bath products. https://bit. ly/3pyHArh
  • The whipped butter. My kids love it when they smell good! So I decided to use samples of the "Bubble Gum" fragrance. They can also help you make a choice before buying the large size!
  • The gourmet section is a must. I've chosen two little bags of candy that could be useful during a Christmas movie night!
  • Winter. A time when it's cold! Lip balms will do a wonderful job of moisturizing and allow your minis to put on lipstick like mommy!

I hope this little list will give you some clues when you shop! But I strongly advise you to go through the pages since each of your children have different tastes and interests.

Finally, don't forget that when your children take a moment for themselves, you will be able to enjoy either a quiet moment or a precious moment that will remain engraved in your memories. Because this special holiday season is a time to spend with your loved ones.

Happy Holidays

Marie-Claude Chartier

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