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Non-alcoholic drinks perfect for relaxation

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Posted on November 21 2020

Boissons sans alcool parfaites pour se relaxer

To be in a totally cocooning atmosphere, it is essential for me to have a special little drink for the occasion. I almost always drink only water, but when I have a relaxing evening, I feel that this one is not enough and that I need something else. A different drink then adds a little magic touch to my evening and allows me to relax even more.

So, if you want to do like me and have a small non-alcoholic drink at your next cocooning party, here are my suggestions for you.

The mocktail

What is a mocktail? It is simply the name given to the non-alcoholic cocktail, which is then declined in many different ways. Your only limit is your imagination!

Here are some recipe ideas that I like to make :

  • Purée honeydew melon in a blender and then add sparkling water or seven-up. This puree + sparkling principle can be applied to almost any fruit and is really delicious.
  • Mix a little cocktail syrup with sparkling water or seven-up and then add sliced fresh fruit. I suggest you try Monsieur Cocktail's cocktail syrups, which I love and which happens to be a Quebec company.
  • A blend of non-alcoholic lager and Monsieur Cocktail's grapefruit cocktail syrup (or a little grapefruit juice if you don't have any syrup).


This sparkling tea-based drink is excellent and I enjoy drinking it in a glass of wine during hot baths or in front of a movie. I also sometimes add a little gin and fresh fruit when I feel a bit more festive!

I suggest you try the Vee Kombucha brand because, in addition to being very good tasting, they contain much less sugar than the majority on the market.

Iced herbal teas

Here I have two choices to offer you that are just as delicious: homemade iced tea or Thehealtea's commercial iced tea.(

) - The homemade one : It's very simple, just brew your favourite herbal tea and then add lots of ice cubes. If you want it to stay very tasty despite the ice cubes that will melt, then I advise you to brew it longer than usual.

- Commercial: There are many iced teas on sale in grocery stores, but unfortunately they often contain a ton of coffee and sugar. This may not be a very relaxing option! That's why I suggest Thehealtea's iced teas. They are caffeine free and contain much less sugar than the other options available on the market.

Hot tea

Tea is of course THE classic of cocooning evenings. You can find some good supeeeer in the Wonder woman boxes.

You can of course prepare them in the traditional way only with hot water or you can do like me and add a touch of vegetable milk to your tea. It will then become a bit creamier and have a more complex taste. I love to use the unsweetened oatmeal vanilla tea or the unsweetened almond vanilla tea.

You now know my favorite secrets and products when it comes to making me a cocooning drink. I hope you'll try them and if you do, you'll tell me which one is your favourite!

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