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Improve your sense of well-being with the Scandinavian art of living.

Audrey Hurteau

Posted on October 12 2019

Améliorer son sentiment de bien-être, avec l’art de vivre scandinave.

The days are colder. The blues settles to the rhythm of the days that shorten. It's a perfect time to review your façon to relax and maximize the comfort of your home with the Scandinavian philosophy of wellness.

I know myself and I know that every year autumn easily puts me in this depressing state of mind. I know that the coming months can be long and painful, my ideas are more negative, my energy flat, my happiness scale questioned. Above all, I am aware that I always have the possibility to change my thoughts and make different choices to feel good. It is from this conscious power that I let myself be inspired by the vision of happiness in Denmark, this small country whose weather has nothing to envy. I discovered people who call themselves the happiest people in the world, but I fell under the spell of a philosophy that advocates well-being in one's home, with what one has. A way of approaching life called hygge who is authentic, zero complicated, and focused on the small moments of everyday life to taste happiness in small doses. The hygge, it's about living, feeling, enjoying. It brings forward the listening to oneself, the self-careappreciation and gratitude. It's all about comfort, atmosphere, closeness. It leaves room for relationships and sensations, authenticity and gentleness.

I don't know how you receive this energy, but for my part, it seems that I already appreciate the cold season more. This change of state of mind makes me want to take care of myself and then create an atmosphere of simplicity, comfort and pleasure with those I love. This way of looking at reality encourages me to maximize positive social experiences in the present moment. Quite sincerely, it's a concept that appeals to me enough to suggest that you integrate it with me now. I find that it is a perfect time to put aside stress and preoccupations in favour of the practice of the self-carea notable principle of the Scandinavian theory of happiness. I am aware that your calendar is quickly filling up (or is already full) with commitments until the holidays. Your thoughts must be whispering that this is not the right time to "add" something new to your life. But I want to remind you that NOW is the perfect time to take care of yourself and give you some sweet time. The worst mistake you could make is to always put others ahead of you. Take a couple of minutes to look at your calendar. Have you set aside time for yourself, happy moments or reward time in your days to come? What about your commitments to others? Do you really need to do everything you have planned? Do you have something written down as just a "want to do" but not officially a "need to do"? Maybe this one could be forgotten or replaced by a more relaxed day? It's necessary to allow yourself some time for self-care and it's not hard to do with the few inspirational ideas hygge which I propose to you below. Let's just say it's a good start to make the vibe in your home. Take what you want and integrategre whatever you like. Above all, remember that according to studies, a state of mind of well-being can only be felt in a moment that YOU find warm, pleasant, comforting, friendly. So, above all, don't stress about it and enjoy your time at home!

Here are 20façons simple to adopt the Scandinavian philosophy of well-being:

  1. Lay large, warm blankets on your bed.
  2. Éteiin your phone before you go to bed on the weekend. Stay up late.
  3. Have breakfast in bed.
  4. Spend the day in a comfortable pyjamaswith soft slippers.
  5. Cooks comfort food like chili, soup or homemade bread.
  6. Lights candles.
  7. Sit in a comfortable corner and knit or crochet, a mandala.
  8. Enjoy a fire in the fireplace or a bonfire outside.
  9. Bundle up for a hike in the woods. Take nature photos along the way.
  10. Listen to music through your headphones. Sing your favourite songs
  11. Open the curtains to let the sunshine in.
  12. Plan your spring garden.
  13. Enjoy your morning coffee or tea in the light of the sunrise.
  14. Take the time to read a new book or reread an old favourite.
  15. Enjoy an eveninge cinémy in familywith popcorn.
  16. Bake cookies and share them with your neighbors and friends.
  17. Start a gratitude journal and write down three positive things that happen every day.
  18. Relax in a bubble bath. Take time to moisturize your skin.
  19. Take advantage of shorter days to watch the sunset.
  20. Host an old-fashioned family game night.

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