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Audrey Hurteau

Posted on November 14 2019


All seasons are beautiful. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. In fact, it's all about how you welcome and live each moment.

Winter is a season that leaves its mark. Not only in the snow. On people's health, too. So it's an opportunity to learn to settle down, to take better care of oneself. Rest and comfort take up more space in our rhythm of life. We talk about cocooning and we want to plan our rituals according to the cold that is starting to penetrate more and more inside. We create the heat with small rituals.

What could be more comforting than wrapping yourself in a warm, soft blanket, with a good spicy tea, a good book and scented candles to add the perfect sparkling touch. There are tons of tips to help you have a great winter and feel energized like never before.

Winter Spices

Everyone knows winter spices: cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, ginger, star anise, black pepper, rosemary. They are there for a good reason, it is not only to remind us of the good memories of Christmas. They warm and stimulate the digestive system. Some even have anti-inflammatory properties. When you know that, you're already more energetic and healthy. Winter is off to a good start.

Herbal teas and hot soups

Choose a beautiful cup that you particularly like, your favourite. Add your favourite cinnamon or ginger herbal tea. You'll have the perfect time. Warm soups will help your body keep warm and provide you with the comforting flavours you crave.

Fireplace, wool stockings and book

Keeping your feet warm is the best way to enjoy the cold season. You don't feel the unpleasant morning shivers when you get up. Having a good time reading a good book by the fireplace is another great way to get a kick out of the cold.

Massage and oil in the calm and sweetness of winter

Massages help blood circulation: the body warms up instantly. The oil, for its part, prevents dryness due to extreme cold. It helps to have a very soft skin that does not redden. Warm oil is an excellent option for skin that is sensitive to temperature drops.

Move around and get some rest

Going out for a breath of fresh air is invigorating and allows you to get some sun even if the ice takes up all the space. As the light is less present, you have to think about taking advantage of it when it's there. Going for a brisk walk with friends is a great way to cheer up and take some vitamin D.

It's important to remember that winter is the perfect time to slow down a bit. To have a good time indoors and discover all kinds of products made at home. It's in Quebec that we really know what's good to help us get through the great Quebec cold.

How do we cultivate our energy in winter? By taking it easy, with small doses of surprises and little attention here and there, we make our own happiness every day. You create your own living space according to the rhythm of the seasons. Remember that winter is your best health ally. It's up to you to follow, or not, the precious advice I just gave you today.

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