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5 rituals not to be neglected to spend a sweet Christmas

Audrey Hurteau

Posted on December 03 2020

5 rituels à ne pas négliger pour passer un doux Noël

Listen to the bells of the passing time jewel

Do you remember looking at Christmas decorations or listening to your favourite song on the radio?

I'm a champion at making memories. I like to feel, contemplate and dream. Every night, I take a walk and I vibrate. Multicoloured lights light up the snowy streets of my neighbourhood. I don't feel that the night is dark thanks to the collective effort of my neighbours this year. The white of the snow shines under my feet. The freezing cold whips my smiling face. I breathe in the fresh air of this beautiful night and feel light and grateful. I long for another Christmas and I know how lucky I will be to enjoy this moment.

Every time the holiday season arrives, I can't help but remember the time before. So many precious memories resurface and make me want to sing, dance and feast:

The fires in the fireplace.

The wet kisses from my aunts in a good mood.

The jokes told a hundred times by my uncles.

My grandfather who insists on serving me more liquor or chips.

My grandmother talking loudly.

My cousins swoon at my Santa Claus stories.

My sister who wants to do a show with me to introduce him to the family.

My father and mother smiling.

I couldn't ask for a better time of year than this. Everything was perfectly orchestrated by the joy of getting together once a year. Happiness was always there.

5 rituals to brighten the holiday season in 2020

What I liked most of all, after unwrapping my presents on Christmas morning, was to wrap myself up in my blankets and stay there, with a good book in my hand and hot chocolate.

Every Christmas, it's like a page of my story that I turn. Last year's Christmas is not coming back. I experience the holiday season by connecting to the excitement. I want to make my children dream the way I dreamed when I was their age and the way I still dream, in my own way, today. To connect to all these memories and happiness, I set up rituals. Here are 5 that I would like to share with you to help you light up your Christmas:

  • A little music is always magical...
  • Let's go, let's get in the car and drive to the party. To combine business with pleasure, my father puts on Christmas music and sings the famous Christian Midnight at the top of his voice. It's so funny to hear that my sister and I can't stop laughing. Today, I have my playlist of Christmas music. I'm looping it as soon as the snow comes in. By the end of December, my kids can't take it anymore. But I know they'll remember this as a good time someday.

  • Creatively decorating your house
  • I like to create beautiful things. I have always had a lot of fun making my own decorations. My creativity is infinite at Christmas. I'm so happy that I would spend hours doing just that. Everything becomes so warm around us thanks to this decoration worthy of the most beautiful Christmas tales.

  • Light everywhere, please. Thank you
  • Darkness is not my cup of tea. I'm far from being a night owl. I like brightness and sunshine and all the trimmings. The lights that decorate the front and the decorations of my house, it's essential to my morale. This enchanting touch is a must in my home. And you, do you like to add a touch of sparkle to your home?

  • Christmas perfume, when you hold me
  • The smell of fire, pine, cinnamon, cold, pies, stew, new clothes... There are so many smells to make us dream. It's the boreal scent of the fir tree that wins the prize in my house. What's yours?

  • Cooking to get in the mood
  • I never have much time to cook in a year. In fact, I don't prefer to cook meals on a daily basis, I'm talking about exploring or making recipes in large quantities. But the holiday season awakens this desire in me and I'm clearly having a great time in front of my stoves making pies, pies, and cookies for the kids. Everyone is happy to eat homemade products made by none other than Mom. And what do you do when you bake at Christmas?

    I remember, and that's enough to make me happy this year...

    This year, we won't have the same freedom to celebrate and to meet the world we love to celebrate. This is a sacrifice I am willing to make, because I know that happiness is between my two ears. We can create new rituals and take more time for ourselves, our couple or our children. I firmly intend to practice a new and surprising sport: cocooning. It will be an opportunity to live an inner adventure in simplicity and comfort.

    Are you looking forward to exploring cocooning?

    What's the first thing you'll do to brighten up your holiday season in your own way?


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