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5 tips to appreciate your image and radiate confidence

Audrey Hurteau

Posted on October 09 2019

5 conseils pour apprécier ton image et rayonner de confiance

They say true beauty is within. We understand that the physical appearance is not enough to make a person beautiful. We still refer to standards to define our own value. But what if someone told you that by simply changing the way you look at yourself, you would be able to feel beautiful? That by working on the acceptance and appreciation of your current image, you would finally be able to proudly put forward the beauty of who you really are?

Perhaps you will recognize yourself in the lines that follow. Let me tell you part of my story. A journey marked by numerous attempts to escape from this body, perceived as the source of my suffering. A journey marked by the many attempts to escape from this body, perceived as the source of my suffering, which over time and by dint of readjusting my daily life, has led me to the obvious; my image is only a reflection of what I truly believe in. From this observation, I have stopped judging myself and devaluing myself physically. I have managed to find peace of mind and rebuild my confidence. I have finally found the beauty that defines me, the beauty that has nothing to do with my looks. And I want to share with you the secrets of my beauty routine, the one I've developed around the new look I've chosen to put on myself.

  1. Take back the power of your thoughts

Choosing to be YOU means understanding that you hold the power every second to choose to generate the thoughts that make you feel beautiful. Every morning, the bathroom mirror reflects back on you. While you have no control over the legacy of your physical appearance, you can choose at any time how you receive and perceive your image. Today, I ask you to look yourself in the eye. Do you see the woman you really are? Or do you prefer to stick to the one you have agreed to perceive? The love you have for yourself will always be determined by the limits you create for yourself. The level of beauty you recognize yourself will always be defined by the type of thoughts you have about your body. Today, you can make the decision, once and for all, to treat yourself as your best friend. Now more than ever, make a promise to yourself to be aware of thoughts that judge or devalue you. Scrub them off without hesitation with the back of your hand. Above all, remember that your confidence is a direct reflection of your state of mind!

  1. Get rid of the influence of others

Your definition of beauty is subjective. That's true, it is. However, you have to admit that it's also a bit constructed by your father's comments, the look of your best friends or your boyfriend's ideal female physique. It is also a little influenced by social standards, your work environment or your ability to avoid falling into the trap of comparing yourself to your beauty models. What I want you to realize here is how comments and remarks from others can hurt and reinforce your feeling that you never measure up. How taking a step back, alone with yourself, can be a necessary step to define who you really are, to assume your uniqueness and finally shine according to your own beauty. And believe me, freeing yourself from the gaze of others can only come through self-acceptance. As long as you will hold back from assuming the full power of your gaze on yourself, others will be able to continue to play with the perception you have of yourself. Wanting to feel beautiful is perfectly legitimate. However, remember that it is always the source of your motivation that makes the difference in the journey. It's why (or for whom) you do it that will allow you to get closer to well-being and fulfillment. Because the path is very different depending on whether you take it out of self-love or rather to satisfy the need to please at all costs.

  1. Before you change, value who you are now.

I want to make sure you understand that you're your solution. That you always have a choice, even when you feel that everything around you is lacking. I want you to realize that it will always be easier to keep you focused on what's wrong rather than trying to see beyond the negative. That your subconscious will more often favor the quick fix before the actual change process. From experience, I know that the role of the victim is soothing, even comforting. I know how much you can appreciate it, especially when it confirms the injustice of your position. But I also know that when you insist on seeing only your complexes, when you keep repeating the same devaluing speech over and over again, you prevent yourself from considering positive solutions to move forward. Today I invite you to detach yourself from this frustration, to put aside all this sadness. I want to see you bring out the best in yourself, recognize all that is most beautiful in you. You are the person you are and that is what makes you unique and authentic. Recognize that you have many physical assets. You certainly do! Your breasts, your ears, your smile, your hair? Name them out loud. From now on, try to highlight them. Giving yourself permission to live a happy life with this true version of yourself is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

  1. Take care of yourself, no matter what

Changing your state of mind involves moving away from thoughts that are called cognitive distortions. Specifically, your life cannot be built on an all-or-nothing mentality. Eating kale doesn't make you a better person than your neighbour who eats pizza. A ten-minute cardio workout is no less physically demanding and no less worthwhile than a one-hour workout at the gym. Taking care of your body as well as your psychological well-being brings that automatic feeling of happiness. And when you feel better inside, you automatically feel more beautiful outside.

  1. Make yourself look good. Find your style.

I've always seen clothes as a woman's best friend. They have this power to reveal just the essence of who you are. Again, the style you adopt is all about choice! Opt for clothes that you like, that look like you and show you off OR use them to hide your body, to hide your existence. Strangely enough, the clothes you choose with the right intention have this ability to change your thoughts and behaviour. When you feel good in your clothes, you automatically feel more comfortable with your body and necessarily more confident in life!


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