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  • Your selfcare shop par excellence!

    Because taking care of yourself is ESSENTIAL.

  • Your selfcare shop par excellence!

    Because taking care of yourself is ESSENTIAL.

  • Your selfcare shop par excellence!

    Because taking care of yourself is ESSENTIAL.

Welcome to my world!

What's the Wonder Woman Box?

It's a cocooning boutique not only for discovering new Quebec products.

It's also a way of life! Because taking care of yourself shouldn't just be a task to put on your to-do list.

Taking care of yourself should be a habit to integrate into your lifestyle, just like sleeping and eating.

It is in our own happiness that we find the inspiration and energy to move mountains.

And what better way to feel good than to pamper yourself with the products in the box?

Dear Wonder Woman, we may not be perfect, but we are all unique! You are one of a kind!

You can always choose a personalized Box by adding your favourite products to your shopping cart, or a no obligation Assembled Box or an automatic subscription Box.

It's up to you to see which option suits you best!

Popular Products

It's a way of life!

I advocate balance in all spheres of my life and I make a point of passing it on to all the women I work with.


Your favourite collections

Whipped butter

Ah, if I had to bring just one product with me, it would definitely be whipped butter. I've always been miss hand cream. But the OMG whipped butter a cloud on my skin.

Facial care

Our facial skin is very fragile because it is constantly exposed. That's why it's essential to have a routine and quality products.


All our gift suggestions for oneself or a loved one. For men and children, but mainly for women.

My HOPE project

Why this project?

Many of you already know this, but in my past I was the wife of an abusive husband. So I benefited from shelter services, crisis lines, psychological follow-ups and all the rest of it.

Today, I'm fine! I would like to give follow-up and design a fragrance that would clearly be called Hope.

I need to share the hope, the resilience, the courage to start all over again.

A % of the sales will be given to the organization SOS violence conjugale and I am also working with the shelter that helped me at the time to give free boxes to those who will be staying during the holiday season.

It goes without saying that for security reasons I couldn't give any details as to the location of the shelter...

The holiday season for a woman victim of violence is terribly difficult, one feels alone, vulnerable and all the "honeymoon" moments are present, one forgets everything.

I want to give them the courage, the "hope" to continue in their journey.

So what does hope mean to you?

To help me reach my goal:

HOPE Collection


Become an Ambassador

The Ambassador Program

An ambassador is a woman who has selfcare in her skin and loves to talk about it. She represents the Wonder Woman Box and makes people talk about her on her social networks. This gives her several advantages.

You like cocooning products

You use it regularly for yourself.

You like beauty products

Your closet in the bathroom is full to bursting, but you're still buying!

You're getting a kick out of Quebec products

You're proud of what Quebec companies can offer women

You are generous.

You like to share with your friends, your family, the women in your community...

You like to write

A little word in the morning, a long text on your computer, a letter here and there, and so on...

You want to help

Help us spread the word about Wonder Woman and you'll be helping a wide range of women choose the right products for them.

Talk about Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman will thank you.

  • Discuss with me once a month by videoconference in order to help you with your sales and/or any other concerns, and especially to align you with the monthly strategy to adopt.
  • See only promotional photos
  • Learn how to use the products
  • Uses exclusive discounts on boutique products
  • Get a commission on all your sales
  • You have the opportunity to build a team and generate additional commissions on your team's sales.
  • And, uh... you'll get all kinds of really cool stuff.

Are you hesitating? I invite you to watch Jacinta talk about what being an Ambassador means to her:

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You will receive your accesses 24-48 hours maximum following your registration, please if you wish to have a specific godmother you must mention it in the notes.

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